I’m on the 4th day of my 14 day pre-op diet and been trying to google/research everything I can about the gastric bypass. I came upon an article that essentially said that older and menopausal women are slow to lose and not as great results. I figured this was the place to find out the deal from my peers. I just turned 50, so this article definitely got my mind thinking. What are your experiences or thoughts? I would love to hear.c

I was 58 when I had my surgery. Already way past menopause. I weighed just under 300 ( cant’t remember but in in my stats I think) pounds a week from surgery.

I hit my goal of 150.0 pounds in July or August 2019. (The stats are on my ticket I think) I thought that was a pretty steady weight loss.

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Curt Warner - Editor NMA
Submitted by: Curt Warner - Editor NMA