A 50-year-old grandmother was shocked when she discovered she was nearly six months pregnant, despite being told by doctors she was in menopause

It was October of last year and Michele Hall of Golden Gates Estates, Florida, had been experiencing aches and pains of late. She initially thought they might be side effects of lupus, which she had been battling for the past decade, but after they didn’t go away, she decided to take a pregnancy test, just in case, the Naples Daily News reported. 

The plus sign came stunned her, Hall, a mother of four and grandmother of two, said. At the time, she hadn’t had a period for more than a year, which she now realizes was because she was unknowingly pregnant for part of it. 

“Everyone was in shock,” she told the paper. 

“Definitely in shock,” her husband, Jerry Hall, added. 

A visit to the doctor confirmed she was 26 weeks along, leaving the family with just a couple months to prepare for a newborn. 

How could that be? Michele wondered. She’d been told by not one but two doctors she was going through menopause and there was virtually no chance she could conceive a child, the paper reported. 

But virtually no chance isn’t no chance at all. On Dec. 27, Michele underwent a pre-scheduled cesarean section and welcomed baby Grayson. 

“She just released that one egg that did it,” said Dr. Tom Beckett, who delivered Michele’s son

Grayson spent 12 days in the intensive care unit before being released in January. Two months later, he’s grown out of preemie clothes, and loves eating and sleeping, according to the Daily News. 

Though she’s thankful for little Grayson, Michele made certain she won’t be surprised again by having Beckett remove her fallopian tubes during the birth. 

“I’m 100 percent sure I’m not having any more kids,” Michele said. 


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