Do you know that the symptoms of menopause are controlled by fruits, vegetables, protein, and good fat.
The most common disease in the menopause is the most common symptom. Stress is unstable, easily irritated, depressed, stress-free, stress, palpitations, swelling, headache, dizziness, depression, decreased sexual desire, vomiting of vaginal dryness many symptoms.

In the menopause, the hormone levels in the menopause slowly decreases the metabolism, decreases metabolism due to the decrease in the ovaries, ovaries, and hormones.

Do you know that the symptoms of menopause are controlled by fruits, vegetables, protein, and good fat.

Use five fruits a day: Increasing the need for fruits and vegetables to get older is one way of getting rid of vitamins and micro-elements. In particular, menopausal changes in vitamins and nutrients due to hormonal changes require frequent use of fruits and vegetables daily. In one shot, use a small apple, ½ banana, or a large pear. Take a salad with green leafy dishes and eat with your lunch and dinner. Eat out on the fat on bananas, bananas and other natural fruits.

Protein: Use of all the meat, fish, and eggs in your diet because of the protein content of your body. In the body of fish, vitamins D, Omega-3, vitamins such as vitamins D, Omega-3, are good for body fat, so use regular doses twice a week for menopause. If vegetarian is the use of eggs, beans, nuts, soya bean products, and seeds, it is a source of repayment.

Starch: The use of natural starch in foods during menopause is energized by the body. Use potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, noodles, bread.

Since soybean products have the effect of stabilizing the hormones, use whey, soybean milk and soybean meal products.

Zinc and iron activates the immune system during menopause. Also, minerals are needed to prevent any disease. The zinc and iron are the highest in all types of meat and liver. Use beans, nuts, and all kinds of rice.

Milk Dairy Products: The osteoporosis is a major concern in the menopause. The use of calcium alone has the risk of calcification, therefore, it is necessary to supplement the calcium needs of foods, especially milk and dairy products.

Most importantly, resting your family with fresh air and getting a positive outlook on your life will help prevent depression, depression, and depression.

It is important to note that the symptoms of menopause are obviously required by the doctor to use hormone. Do not buy medicines by friends, such as friends and siblings, and do not need to experiment with health.

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Curt Warner - Editor NMA
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